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Food should taste good, and it should also nurture & nourish the body. My philosophy is that food is medicine and information; what we put at the end of our fork each and every day determines gene expression, and ultimately our quality of life.


I provide clients with a variety of specialized nutrition services to help improve their health and long term dietary habits. With a science-based and highly individualized nutrition and supplementation approach, I help each person achieve their unique health goals in a manageable and sustainable way. 

Book a live consultation today to learn how to customize your diet to meet your body's nutritional needs and to use food as medicine to optimize your health. 

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Personalized nutrition therapy takes into account the bioindividuality of each person as well as their unique health history, genetics, lifestyle and dietary habits in order to uncover the root causes of ill health.


As a functional nutritionist and a holistic health coach, my focus is not on specific dietary theories or fads. In my mind, there is not one right diet or approach to health that works for everyone all of the time. Each person is unique and therefore my focus is on designing a targeted and highly individualized diet & lifestyle plan to help you rebalance your internal and external environment in a way that supports optimal health and wellness.

Bowl of Grains

Millions of people in the United States suffer from allergies and sensitivities to foods that are sometimes part of their daily diet. This causes a great deal of stress and discomfort in the digestive tract as well as systemically, presenting with a wide range of symptoms from bloating and gas to chronic migraines, insomnia, irritability, cognitive decline, and other seemingly unrelated complaints.

In my practice, I work with each client to uncover what foods or food groups are causing inflammation in their body through a customized elimination diet plan and functional food sensitivity testing.


Nutrition is key for a healthy and successful pregnancy. Food nourishes our body and helps our cells make energy.


Food also plays a critical role in the physical and mental development of your baby as well as in your (mom’s) overall wellbeing pre and post conception. This service is designed to provide you with longer-term nutrition and health coaching to create an optimal environment for the healthy growth and development of your little one.

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